The development of pharmaceutical trafficking and illegal practices in many areas of the world has made ensuring that pharmaceuticals retain the highest security levels our number one priority.

Unit traceability led to significant advances in answering issues found in distribution channels. However, it does not meet all needs, and especially those with the greatest risks to public health.

Advanced Track & Trace® solutions help ensure a private traceability of production operations and the authentication of products and their components, at any time throughout the supply chain.

Coated-paperboard cases, blister, aluminum foils, leaflets, boxes, bottles, closures, dispensers, labels, syringes... All the components of a product, regardless of the material, production and operation processes, can receive the Seal Vector® marking solution. Requiring no additional consumables and offering the best cost-performance ratio, Seal Vector® is the ideal solution for pharmaceutical industries.


With applications deployed for many years in all regions on a large scale, Advanced Track & Trace® has the best experience in the market and the widest range of solutions at the crossroads of strategies and needs of pharmaceutical laboratories.